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destination Imagination

Destination Imagination® (DI) is a global, volunteer-led nonprofit organization that hosts Team Challenges for students who want to take on the entire creative process—from imagination to innovation.

DI offers an experience, through which—as one parent told us—kids find their superpowers. Working in teams to solve STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) challenges, quiet children come alive. Kids who like things their way realize how much better their ideas are with input from their teammates. And if your child hasn’t found his or her niche yet? No problem. DI introduces kids to a wide range of ideas, skills, and techniques while solving challenges, their way!

Students who participate in DI build lifelong friendships, self-esteem, and creative problem-solving skills. Not to mention, DI is a phenomenal resume builder as it instills;

destination Imagination

STEAM-based challenges that students solve in teams


Kids blossom developing ideas that build on what they learn in school.


Each student has a voice and space to develop unique abilities and talents..


Team members make all the decisions and even manage the budget..


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What role does E-services and technologies play in DI?

E-services and technologies is the Country Affiliate of DI and our DI Team consists mainly of volunteers and sponsors!

There’s a lot that goes into running a country Affiliate of DI, especially in a country like Pakistan! From motivating students to step out of their comfort zones to approaching sponsors to fulfill dreams of passionate students, we do it all, with your help!

There are big and small ways you can get involved with DI Pakistan! You can lead a team, serve as an Appraiser (score team presentations), sign up to be a tournament volunteer, build a DI program at your school, donate to DI Pakistan or become a sponsor. Anything you contribute will help us grow a future generation of Pakistanis who:

  • Are global citizens
  • Think outside the box
  • Can work together to solve our world’s most complex challenges

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New york student in grade K-12 and university can participate in Destination Imagination by forming or join team.


New York's Regional Tournaments Take place in march and our Statewide Affilliate Tournament takes place in early April. Global Finals are typically held in May.


Each DI season begins in the fall and aligns with the start of the school year. Teams select the challenge they want to tackle and work together on thier solutions until Regional Tournaments take place in March

Resgistration Deadlines

New york Regional Tournament registration opens in early September .All team must register by january 15th in order to participate in a Regional Tournament and we recommend registering ny october 31st


To Form a Team, you will need between 2 and 7 Students(they do not need to be in the exact same grade level)and Team manager Who is 19 or older

Time Commitment

DI teams generally spend 2-3 hours a week working together on their solutions and devote additional time fine tuning in the weeks leading up to each tournament

Content of FAQ:

WHO: Students in grades K-12 and University can participate in Destination Imagination by forming or joining a team

HOW: To form a team, you’ll need to register a team on (link) of 2-7 students and a team manager who is 18 years of older!

When Destination Imagination 2022 will take place in March 2022 (tentative date)

Challenge Categories : There are a total of 7 amazing challenge categories that the teams can choose from. Read more on and choose your desired challenge on the registration form.

Registration Deadline: Destination Imagination’s registrations will close on 31st January 2022

Venue: Destination Imagination 2022 tournament will be held virtually, so you can participate from the comfort of your home

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