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The Gathering of Industry, Science, And Policy Members, Directly Responsible for Our Future on Mars! H2M Pakistan 2023 features expert speakers across all disciplines invested in achieving human exploration of Mars in the 2030s. H2M Features Experts and Luminaries from Relevant and Diverse Fields, Including Senior NASA, Industry, And Policy Figures, As Well As Representatives from The Entertainment, Technology, And Innovation Industries, STEM Education Professionals, And Members of The General Public.
Through Consensus Building in The Space Community and Inspiring the General Public, The Goal of H2M Is To Advance The Prospects For The Human Exploration Of Mars In The Early To Mid-2030s


Schedule Of The Event


Our Speakers

Chris Carberry

CEO and co-founder of Explore Mars, Inc.

Urooj Seemeen

E-Services & Technology | Founder and CEO.

Janet Ivey

Explore Mars | President.


Naeem Altaf distinguished Engineer & CTO Space Tech, leads IBM's Blue Tech Innovation group,

Joe Cassady

Executive Director, Space|Executive Vice President of Explore Mars

Scot Bryson

Orbital Farms

Dr. Saralyn Mark

iGiant | Founder and President

Rhonda Stevenson

President / CEO of Tau Zero Foundation & Space Mining and Resources Coalition CEO of Blue Elysium Capital Group

Gioia Massa

NASA KSC | Project Scientist, Space Crop Production.

Greg Quinn

Collins Aerospace | Staff Research Engineer, Aerospace Systems

Hessa Almatroushi

UAE Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre | Science Lead of Emirates Mars Mission

Inara Tabir

CEO Galaxis Aerospace.

Jason L Kessler

NASA | Program Executive, Small Business Innovation Research Small Business Technology Transfer Programs

Daniel Tompkins

GrowMars | Founder, Agricultural Scientist

Justin Kugler

Redwire | General Manager of Mission Solutions

Larry Kuznetz

The Mars Suit Project | Founder and CEO

Lori Glaze

NASA | Director, Planetary Science Division

Lynn Rothschild

NASA | Senior Scientist

Dr. Masaki Fujimoto

JAXA | Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS).

Mat Kaplan

Planetary Radio | Host

Michal Ziso


Mohsen Alawadhi

UAE Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre | Mission System Engineer – Emirates Mars Mission

Natalie Mary

The Aerospace Corporation | Exploration EVA SE&I

Pascal Rosenfeld

Aleph Farms | Director New Ventures & Space

Rachel Tillman

Viking Mars Missions Education and Preservation Project

Rich Boling

Techshot | Vice President

Ryan Kobrick

Paragon Space Development Corp | Principal Investigator & Aerospace Engineer

Sanjay Vijendran

ESA | Mars Strategy Team Leader and Future Mars Studies (MarsX Team) Coordinator

Dorit Donoviel

Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) | Director .

Shahreen Reza

Astreas | CEO and Co-Founder

Stephen Bailey

Redwire| Chief Engineer

Dr. Tiffany Vora

Singularity University | Faculty & Vice Chair, Digital Biology & Medicine

Trudy Kortes

NASA | Director, Technology Demonstrations

Alfredo Munoz

Abiboo Studio | CEO.

Vera Mulyani

Mars City Design | CEO

John Vickers

NASA | Principal Technologist

Yumna Majeed

Founder Exploration By Yumna

Yvette Gonzalez

Chief Operating Officer | EVP Strategic Partnerships

Holly Melear

CEO & Founder of STEAMSPACE Education Outreach®️ and Cities in Space®️

Alires Almon

Deep Space Predictive Research Group, Founder | Mental Health Center of Denver, Director of Innovation.

Artemis Westenberg

Explore Mars Europe.

Dr. Muhammad Akbar Hussain


Christopher Nelson

The Aerospace Corporation | EVA Strategic Planning & Architecture Lead

Dr. Michael Hecht

the Principal Investigator of the Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) mission

Sam Ross

Nust Rocket Team

NUST Rocket Team (NRT) is an initiative by undergraduate students of Pakistan to promote interest in aerospace

Esther Dyson

Wellville | Trained Cosmonaut

Outreach Partners